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Effective January 1, 2018, a Resource Family may be placed on inactive status for a period of time that may not exceed two years. The FFA Web Application has been updated to allow FFAs to report when a Resource Family is placed on or taken off inactive status.

FFA Web Application: the approach to home approval for Community Care Licensing (CCL)/Foster Family Agencies (FFA)/Resource Family Homes (RFH)

FFA Web Application is built on the idea that FFA/Sub offices can approve and rescind and edit information about their Resource Family Homes as well as edit Certified Family Homes using an Extranet Web application.  Now you can streamline the process with a paperless work process and rapid web response.  For help, please review the FFA Web Application User Guide or the Frequently Asked Questions document.

Providing_Hope The Community Care Licensing Division (CCLD) of the California State administration promotes the health, safety, and quality of life of each person in community care by promoting continuous improvement throughout the community care licensing system, strategies to increase voluntary compliance, providing technical assistance to care providers and by working collaboratively with clients, their families, advocates, care providers, placement agencies, and others involved in community care.

This FFA Web Application concerns actions of an existing FFA who would like to approve, rescind, and edit the information about their homes and the FFA information. Learn more about CCLD.
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